download torrents with IDM or stream movies from torrents online. Yeah.. it’s

Yeas Guys is the only trustworthy torents seeding website. Rather than downloading torrents clients facing with their ads and sometimes dealing with securoty issues this is ultimate solution . some of advantages of from my point of view are as follows

let see

1) Its platform independant you can access across over any web connecting device having browser.

2) If sometimes you just want to download some pic from big sized file what you do? Just first download it with seedr.ccc then provides you directory structure yes and just can download that particular file only.

3) Also you can watch movies by saving your device space just past the magnetic link wait till make it ready and done yes.. you have your video ready to stream …. This helps lot to avoid frustration of downloading big sized movies but which are theatir prints rather than HD quality that saves your time and anger yeah.. I use it many times.

4) Last but not least its not only with video file viewer but also with pdf and some other files type viewer means you can see some files type before download and saves the place.

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