Learn PHP from Scratch Day 1

Lecture 1: Approx. Time Required 10–15 minutes. No exercise

This is first day of our learning , I really thanks al to join the whatsapp group to learn the PHP. In the group I said PHP is backend technology to develop the Website. First of all see what is the Backend in reference to website development. The Entire web development we roughly divided in to following parts
1) Front End
2) Backend
3) Database
4) Hosting Management
1) Front End (Client Side Scripting)
The front end is consider mainly things that are experienced by the end user. It mainly contains graphics , text , images, actions taken by the end user. Here end user means any one who is browsing the website.
This front end is mainly divided in to 3 parts
please understand these are languages known to your browser, Even your little more educated friend or colleague says there are lots of things like react js, jQuery , Bootstrap, Angular n bla bla …, but in fact what they are frameworks or libraries of CSS & JS , cause your browser knows only HTML CSS & JS.

  • All the Client Side Scripts executes on the Client Side(Here Client= the end user who is browsing the website. Client Side= The device/software through which website is browsed)

2) Backend(Server Side Scripting)
so if your browser knows only HTML CSS & JS then what about PHP ASP n other things. Let’s do one thing, try to open php in your browser, it will either open as text which will shows you the lines of code. or it will direct download, I am saying local php file. without the server. Why its happen cause the reason is simple browser not know the PHP???!!! so what is this? There is concept of server that parse the Server Side language and write the HTML , CSS, JS output. So same way PHP is parsed by Apache Server. There are many server side languages like NodeJS / ASP / JSP etc. all they need something server that converts all their logic in to the HTML CSS & JS.

  • Here Server Side = On the Server where the our code , database , resources etc. are stored. In simple words Server is 24×7 computer machine which hosts our website. It needs to be 24×7 live to serve our guests (clients) any time..

3) Database:
Database is needed to make your site dynamic, and store the resources like username , passwords, texts, posts etc. & they can be retrieved back when needed with the help of backend Server Side Programming languages like PHP , ASP , JSP etc.

4) Hosting Management:
its all all about how you make your website run it includes many concepts like DNS , domain , sub domain etc. Its not much part of coding but its essential knowledge to be have every web developer. Cause it affects the our web development. Its the base on which our web development is depends. Many times those setups are done automatically for you by your hosting provider companies.

Hope its sufficient for today, We will start our PHP basics in next lecture.

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