car insurance going dutch

Car Insurance going dutch

In the dutch version of google the keyword prashe "car insurance "is an very populair. Eventough the speak and wrtie dutch in the Netherlands there are still more than 30000 searches in english. The dutch word for ca insurance is "autoverzekering " . This keyword is lookedup more than 100.000 times. So " car insurance " is 30% of the normal search.

This is beacause the Netherlands has a lot of immigrants who don’t speake or write dutch. About 15% are not native Dutch people. So there is a big market for english searches in the dutch version of google.

The website is an insurance broker in the Netherlands who has now some pages rewritten in englisch to attrack an other group of customers. Because there is not a lot of competitors for this keyword the website rose within notime to a #9 spot in the dutch version of google.

Soon there will be more keywords added to the webiste according to ohter kind of insurance.

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