Doorway page generator and Internet cloaking

Doorway Page

Doorway page generator and Internet cloaking scripts when used judiciously can improve the search engine ranking of any web-page or website. The search engine optimisation doorway pages are keyword rich smart pages or hook pages, that links and/or redirects to the content page. The content page meant for the user is cloaked from the search engine, (hence the term Search Engine Cloaking). Keyword rich hook pages or bridge pages appear in the search results page. When followed the link from the search result, the user is automatically redirected to the intended page. Or in simple words, search engines don’t see what the users see and vice-versa.

IP cloaking is possible if the Webmaster know the IP address of search engines. Only the doorway pages or search engine optimisation doorway pages are caught by the search engine spider while crawling the website. The door page script or doorway generator script are usually too short to be caught by search engines. The cloaking software identifies the IP addresses of search engines, and when a search comes from the search engine IP, the real page is hid and the keyword filled doorway is displayed. This is called IP cloaking. Website cloaking and page cloaking needs to be done with care and the users shall be led relevant pages only.

The doorway page generator also helps you protect your search engine optimisation techniques from being copied by your competitors. Making a page visible to search engine requires a special quality. Learn about the search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques that can help you improve the search engine rankings of your web-pages.

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