Driving Your SEO Professional Insane

Checking the rankings of your site in the search engines can become addictive. This is fine so long as you do not drive the person handling your seo work insane.

Driving Your SEO Professional Insane

What are the first words out of a search engine optimization professional’s mouth when talking to a potential client? This is going to take some time. Not only do we say this, but we tend to overestimate how long it is going to take. In addition to covering our butts, we say this to keep you from driving us insane.

As a client, you must show some faith in your search engine optimization professional. If you are told it is going to take a certain amount of time before rankings will appear, do not start checking them every morning. Okay, you can check them, but do not call me everyday! The more time I spend on the phone with you, the less time I have to work on your campaign. Patience is the word you have to focus on here.

A second method for driving your seo professional insane is the area of unwanted advice. This typically occurs when you read an article, book or see something on the television about search engine optimization. You may have the urge to tell us about it or ask for clarification. Why? Are you suddenly going to implement it in your site? If it is important, there is an excellent chance we already know about it. The optimization game changes all the time and we stay on top of it. Please resist the urge to call with little tidbits of information. If you want to learn how the process works, make sure to mention that at the outset of the relationship.

A third method for putting your seo person in a mental health clinic is daily ranking addiction. This occurs after rankings have been obtained for all or most of the desired keywords. You are so pleased with the situation, you review the rankings each morning. Inevitably, a ranking moves down. Your first step is to call us. This is maddening. In fact, we may not call you back because we know the rankings are just fluctuating a bit because of an update. A few days later, we call back and tell you the ranking is fine. Yes, this is done on purpose. Please do not call to inform us of changes in the rankings each day! Don’t worry, we will keep an eye on everything.

Your search engine optimization professional should be a valued part of your business family. Driving them insane is not a good way to treat a family member!

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