Easy Ways To Get Your Web Site Noticed by Search Engines.

Almost everyone knows that when a person wants to know something on the Internet they turn to search engines like MSN, and Google to find what they are looking for. This makes it very important for web site owners to know how to get their web sites ranked well on search engines, so that the people doing the searching can find their web site.

The first thing you should know is that the job of a search engine is to bring up the web page, that is most relevant to the search.

Search Engine Optimization isn’t rocket science!

The job of the web site owner is to make their web site more relevant than other sites. The other job they need to do is make sure the web site gets submitted to search engines. Do those two things and you are getting some attention well needed from the search engines, the reward is free targeted traffic.

I wrote an my first article titled “The plug-in Profit Home Business Review.” Now I didn’t know too much about writing articles at the time so this happened to be dumb luck. After a few weeks I did a search to find that my article got placed on the first pages of MSN, GOOGLE and Yahoo, when I searched for “plug-in profit site”( E-Commerce business). Surprised to see that the article was ranked higher than hundreds of thousands of possible sites, I looked into the reason for my article’s great success.

When you read the article you’ll see that the article is extremely related to the plug-in profit home business site. The title after all was called “The Plug-in Profit Home Business Review.” The content is all about the program and mentions the name of the program several times. To sum things up this is what made my article step in front of my competitors.

I soon applied my new found knowledge into my own web site. I built my web site around the keyword, “plug-in Profit site. I made the title of my home page “plug-in profit home business site” Now days you will see somewhere on the first pages of the search engines internet5kincome.com when a search for “plug-in profit” is done. You may even find my first article hanging around. This proves that content is still king when it comes to search engines! I will also add the title helps out a great deal too!

In my efforts I made a mistake on my web page, I created a link titled :”Can taking on-line serveys really make you money? Click here to find out”.

Notice the misspelled word serveys. While the rest of the world spells surveys with a “U”. I spelled this one word with an “E”.

I am embarrassed to say it, but that mistake placed my site on page 1 when a person searched for “on-line serveys” this winning mistake brought a surprising number of free traffic.

I am amazed at how many people spell surveys with an “E”! (The mistake has been corrected, but it is something you should know!)

When experimenting with search engine optimization, or SEO for short. Track your web site’s performance with a tracking service. I use opentracker.net for my web site’s tracking. This service will show you where all your visitors come from.

If a visitor was referred by a search engine, obviously the visitor did a search. The tracker will tell you what keyword the visitor searched for. That keyword is something you should know, so that you can build on it, to bring in even more traffic. You may be surprised at what you find out from the web site tracker. I was surprised that so many people spelled surveys wrong, but I would have never found out if it wasn’t for the web site tracker.

Experimenting with SEO is well worth the time. Set your sites on what people are searching for, and build your web site around those keywords, and you might find your web site on the first page.

Understand that not all search engines will rank your web site the same, try different search engines to see where your site shows up. MSN.com is one of my favorite engines to use because this site indexes web pages more often than others. This will help you to see if your experiments work a little faster that using the other top named search engines.

I hope to see your web site on the first page of the search engines real soon.

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