Harnessing The Power Of Social Book marking To Boost PageRank and Gather A Massive Number of Back links To Your Website

As SEO professionals we are constantly searching for ways to get our sites ranked and indexed better.

We all know that backlinks are “life blood” that get a site ranked higher in the search engines.Black hat SEO experts in the quest to get one way backlinks till now relied on various methods like blog comment spam and referer log spam.The latest technique is using social bookmarking to get one way back links.

What is social bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is utilizing a web service, where users create a public repository of bookmarks pertaining to sites that they like.The concept of social bookmarking dates back to 1996 with the launch of itList.com, followed by services like Blink and Hotlinks and many more. But,the popularity of Social Bookmarking increased with the advent of the most popular bookmarking site till date, del.icio.us.To the uninitated, these bookmarks may seem like geekspeak, but from an SEO standpoint these can build you a massive amount of backlinks which seem tooriginate from authority sites.

So how does one go about utilizing these social bookmarking services?

You simply sign up for an account and then post your urls. Each post requires you to enter the url, a title for the anchor text, a short description and of course the tags under which you want your link bookmarked.

A tag is a keyword which acts like a subject or category. Each user “tags” a webpage or image using his own unique tag. An image or webpage may have multiple tags that identify it. Webpages and images with identical tags are then linked together and users may use the tag to search for similar webpages and images. Most of these services give you a personalized book mark page that has all your bookmarks displayed, and though when you start out the pagerank of your personalized page might be zero, it slowly builds up over time. An additional important point worth looking at is that each tag page on the site has a pagerank which gets passed on to your site. For example the page for the tag “advertising” has a pagerank of 3.

Below is a list of various services that you can utilize to boost your page rank

1) http://del.icio.us/ : This one of the most popular of all social bookmarking sites and has a huge pagerank of 8.

2) http://digg.com: Digg is a technology news website where users submit stories for review, but rather than allowing an editor to decide which stories go on the homepage, the users do. Digg is a site with a pagerank of 7

3) http://www.reddit.com, Page Rank 7

4)http://www.blinklist.com, page rank 6

5) http://www.simpy.com, page rank 6

A great way to get visitors to your sites to bookmark your website is using a neat service available at http://ekstreme.com/socializer/. This service provides a small snippet of code that when added to your site creates a special link on your site. When any visitor clicks on this link they are provided with a large list of social bookmarking sites which they can add your site to.

In case your website is a wordpress blog a similar wordpress plugin called Sociable that can be found at http://push.cx/sociable

Thus, using social bookmarking you can improve the ranking of your website and gain valuable pagerank.

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