Part V – Getting Your Site Indexed in Exactseek

Some may disagree with me on the importance of Exactseek. After all, Google, Yahoo, and MSN are the top three sites (not in that order), and then we jump to Exactseek, which is ranked in the top 2000.

However, in the search engine game, Exactseek is a major player with some pretty cool tools and some great stuff to help you market your business online. Whether you choose the free or paid version, you’ll get great results, and it’s easy to submit your site.

Exactseek is also an excellent way to help you get into the top three because of their spiders. This site gets spidered, and it also gets a lot of traffic. These are two of the reasons for its high rankings.

Although the top three provide about 80 percent of the search traffic these days, this site will help you work on grabbing the other 20 percent that might not find you because you aren’t in this directory, or all of the other smaller search engines.

Unlike Google, which is a true search engine because it uses spiders to gather the links of a site, Exactseek is more of a web directory.

Since this is a web directory, you will only need to provide the top level domain for your site, and you should only submit your top level domain.

Before submitting to Exactseek, there are a few things you need to do to make sure that your site gets accepted.

First, you want to make sure that the metatags in your header for your page are complete. Unlike the top three, your metatags are very important here because this is the description of your site that will be shown.

Make sure that you write a good description, and that you properly target your keywords. Not only will this help you in getting your site accepted here, when the other major search engines spider this site, you’ll be correctly spidered.

Also, when you submit to Exactseek, you need to provide a valid email address. The reason is that you will need to confirm your submission. If you fail to do this, you won’t be accepted into the Exactseek directory.

You can submit your site here:

If you are looking to get exposure more quickly, you will find that Exactseek offers one of the best promotion deals on the internet.

For only $12 per quarter, or $36 per year, you can get a featured listing. This is a very low cost way to get the word out about affiliate programs that you may be selling, and this allows you to be featured on 200+ websites throughout the internet.

Unlike pay per clicks, you pay a one time fee, and you can check for keyword availability.

To find out more, visit: You will also want to read the help section prior to submission so that you fully understand the program.

Although Exactseek isn’t exactly a search engine, it’s still one of the best places to promote your website. Using Exactseek can help you get some of the traffic you won’t get from the three major search engines.

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