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Today what everyone assumes that attracting more and more visitors is the easiest way to increase the traffic. Somehow it is true, but a site will be truly popular if it makes the new visitors to come back again and again. It is much easier getting people to visit your site first time than it is getting them to come back. Now the question is what is that thing that gives an impact on someone so that he visit the site again and again?

There is no any formula; there are so many things you need to do that can change a first time visitor to a regular visitor. In this article I am giving you some good ways so that visitors just stick to your site and make the visits regularly.

Navigation Structure

This is the easiest way of getting return visitors to your site. The users can easily get frustrated if they are finding hard to search something on your website. Always use three clicks formula in your site navigation structure so that the visitors get all the required information in just three clicks. The best way to do that is to create a site map. Put a site map on the home page and on the footer of every page. These are very helpful, for both visitors and spiders. If a site contains so many inner pages or internal links then search bars will be more encouraging to the website return visitors.

Relevant & Fresh Content

Content is foremost and the most important factor of any website to encourage return visitors. Visitors visit the site only for the information not for the attractive designs and animated pictures. The content should be theme based i.e. it is should be relevant to the products or services you are providing. For example, you are selling a product say a manufacturing tool but your site is telling about Britney Spears. Then all your efforts will be bootless and the visitor at once clicks off and visits a competitor. Another way of attracting return visitors is by providing fresh and updated content. People always want time-to-time information that is frequently updated.

Ezine Publishing

Writing and publishing articles will make you in touch with your visitors constantly and it often goes a long way towards establishing your site a regular stop for many visitors. If there are a lot of new articles to read each time, then you’ll probably find a new visitor coming back several times more to collect the new information.

Adding a “What’s new today” page of some sort to inform your regular visitors about recent developments, will constantly encourage your return visitors. But make sure that you have things in adequate amount to report on it.

Create a Forum

This is the most powerful and practical tool in bringing huge success. There may be many sites contain good content but the main reason who kept the return visitors coming back again and again, is the discussion forms. You can create many specific forums for each category discussed on your site. If you have a discussion board then most of the people will come just to see what other people have posted on your site. What’s new going on? What kind of website problems are people dealing with? And the best part about the discussion forums is no requirement of any special software to visit the forums.

Just focus on creating discussion boards on your site and see the magic. They will really increase the rate of return visitors.

Start Monthly Raffles

It’s a very interesting tool to encourage return visitors. You can fascinate visitors by giving something valuable for free every month by starting some offers and competitions. But make sure that the prize is worth winning and affordable for you also.

This will also prove to be good and will increase the hits on your site.

Newsletters are also Helpful

Newsletters are basically simple announcements that let others know about the new arrivals, the changes you have made on your site. They will keep you in touch with the visitors. Always keep your newsletters interesting by giving some fascinating styles-from a simple, one color piece to multi color format. You can also put some add-on like graphic designs, pictures, photographs etc. But this will depend all on your budget. And if you will able to get your visitors to subscribe to your newsletters then you can e-mail your newsletters to them and the newsletters will work as a reminder of your site. This will help a lot in returning the visitors.

Just keep in mind that more attractive is the newsletter, more interest it will attract that will lead to the increase in numbers of return visitors.

Go for any way! Just keep in mind that your goal is to increase number of return visitors. But firstly focus on the actual content of your site then opt any of the other tips.

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