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A niche market or a vertical market is a group of similar kinds of businesses that engage in a trade based on specialized needs of customers or buyers. The people who participate in a vertical market are usually a smaller portion of a larger industry or market. This kind of market is designed specially for a similar customer base.

Participants in vertical markets aim at solving the same kinds of problems within that specific portion. These markets can be competitive because of an overlapping focus on the services and products that are being offered to many customers.

In horizontal markets, the participants attempt to meet the needs through gaining a presence in the vertical market. They have similar products and services and they are less of a fit with each other.

When it comes to search engine marketing and search engine promotion, you can’t afford to go at it in the wrong way. You have to make sure that your site is listed with only quality sites and quality search engines like

If you are not making sure to do your research and to take care to be listed with quality sites, then the traffic that you get may not be quality either. Ultimately, you want quality traffic that will buy your products and services and you get this by being in niche vertical markets.

When you are doing search engine marketing and search engine promotion, you may have had the problem of exchanging links with other webmasters. There are thousands of links to be exchanged. You don’t have time to check and make sure they put a reciprocal link on their site. will solve this problem for you once and for all. They have a staff that verifies the link exchange.

An actual human being reviews each and every single web site. This is to ensure that there are only quality web sites in the search engine program. You are free to submit your site for approval. has a variety of niche topics that are available to you. This is definitely a valuable tool for your search engine marketing and search engine promotion efforts.

Cost of joining is free of charge.

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