Search Engine Marketing: Top 3 Ways To Improve Your Rank

If you wish your online business to succeed then search engine marketing is of the utmost impotence. It all boils down to quality high value, preferably unique content. This is what the search engines crave. Its what they are always looking for! Heres my top 3 methods of search engine marketing.

* Always add fresh & unique content to the site: This is INCREDIBLY impotent. You will not succeed if you ignore this. Its a good idea would be to write a series of short articles, (Unquie of course) for submission to the directories. You must include a message explaining that more quality unique content can be found on your website, then obviously include your link!The point is to impress them with your mini articles, then lure them to your site!

* Press Releases: another excellent way to gain quality links, and one that i myself should brush up on! Again I suggest that you do a search for tips and info on how to write a press release. Then do a search for a press release submission service. appears to be a good choice.

* Articles: This is ‘IT’ for 2006! Articles are an incredible way to obtain quality inbound links. Submit them to article directories or, even better submit them to a article submission service. There are some good and pretty cheap ones around!. I like ‘iSnare’. Try to include some relevant keywords as the search engines will pick up on these. Search engines LOVE articles! Try to submit to the “heavy weight” directories. A good tip is to check the google rank of each site. If its higher than 6, submit! The two largest are &, just to get you started!

I hope these tips give you something to think about. Search engine marketing can be very tedious, but the rewards are there for the taking!!

Author: swapniltech

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