The Jury Is Out On Keyword Discovery

A great new software, maybe……. but is the price worth it?

The major problem I have with the software is that it only gives a full 12 months demand/competition figures unless you upgrade to the “Paid API” version which will cost you $400 per month or $3000 a year.

The question you need to ask is “what are you using keyword tools for”?

To make money today? Or to obtain yearly stats? With that in mind, here are a few problems…..

1. If we are looking to make money today (which most of us are) …… We need statistics that are up to date for the present…… The keyword “web traffic” at the present gets a lots less hits than “increase web site traffic”…. But if I were to use keyword discovery it would actually tell me the opposite based on “yearly” figures.

Now if I were a keyword discovery subscriber, only used KD and started doing a lot of work on “web traffic”, optimizing my pages, increasing inbound links, etc. And then later I found out that the stats where wrong and I was doing all the work on keywords that were actually receiving a lot less hits, I would be pretty angry to say the least.

So the major problem is this…. I use keyword tracker, I find 100 terms with high demand/low comp right at this present time….. I throw up 100 pages based on those terms and get high ranking for 40….. I make many sales

I use keyword discovery (standard subscription), I find 100 terms with high demand/low comp over one year…… I throw up 100 pages based on those terms…….. And only get high ranking on 10 “because” 50% of those terms “right at this very moment/right now” have a lot more comp or less demand than they had 6 months ago.

2. Now say we want long term results? This would be beneficial if we find keywords that continually have high/demand low comp over one year. However from my experience this is very rarely the case due to “online competition” and an ever changing marketing environment.

It would be of benefit to larger websites looking for “medium” competition rates on keywords of which they wish to dominate. With this they then implement an SEO campaign to gain ranking.

3. Having all the country SE’s is a benefit but only if you can localize….. As I am trying to rank for terms on search engines where my listing appears, including searches from engines where it will not only distorts my figures and therefore what words I may try and optimize.

4. Where are the KEI results taken from? Not meaning the search term itself but the occurrences? Pages/websites for what search engines… I could not find this information.

So what does this all boil down to?

*If you want long term keyword stats for your online business….. KD just might be the software for you. In all fairness it does also include many other features that you will not find at Keyword Tracker, if these are what your company requires.

If your looking for long term stats but without the competition ratio try…


* If your looking for short term stats you have two choices….

Keyword Discovery at a price of $3000 per year


Or Keyword Tracker at $250 per year


Like I said the juries out and it all boils down to what type of service and tools your looking for but as the saying goes…. “the devil is in the detail”.

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