The power of google sitemaps

Dear fellow entrepeneur

Let me tell you. When I started with Google Adsense in 2004, I had my doubts. But today, three years later, I am convinced about Google Adsense.

Maybe you won’t believe me, but I’m making almost 30% of my monthly salary with Google Adsense.
You know, you get these so-called experts telling you how you can get rich in no time with Adsense. But let me tell you; it’s all a hype (not that I’m saying that it is impossible to get rich with Google Adsense.). You see, it all comes down to very hard work and experimentation. And believe me, I made a lot of mistakes! But I’ve learned. And I’ve learned a lot!. You see, when I first started my first website, I did not have any intention of making money with Google Adsense. I started a website with the pure intent to help other people. I mean, the internet is a great place and the perfect opportunity where you can help others if you like.

So many people just join the internet community to make money. It does not matter to them if you loose money or valuable time, as long as they get what they want. Not that I say you are not allowed to make an income off the internet.

Ok, enough talking. Let’s get to the real topic here. What is it about Google Sitemaps? Google Sitemaps tell the Google Bot / Spider about your wesite.
You know, the layout, where all the files are, which file is more important and which file is less important. The reason for this is that the search engine knows how to arrange your files in the search results.

A google sitemap is in xml format and there is alot of free tools available which will help you to create a sitemap for your website. Online as well as offline tools. Just type (free script google sitemap creator) in the search engine and you will see exactly what I mean.

I must admit, in my own experience that the google bot visits my site more regurlarly from when I started to make use of a sitemap. Everytime you create a sitemap, it tells the googlebot which files has been changed and what new files has been added or any other changes that you may have made to your site.

If your are a serious webmaster and did not create a sitemap yet, I suggest you do so. I do not understand xml markup language, but I can at least give you an example of how an xml sitemap looks like. With this example you will be able to create your own sitemap in no time (that is to say if you do not have too much pages), otherwise it will be better to make use of one of the free sitemap creators available.

Well, here is the example:


weekly 0.8”);
weekly 0.5

Well I think you got the basic idea now to enable you to create your own sitemap, get more visitors, and make more money with Google Adsense.

One more thing. You are free to use this article on your website provided that it stays unaltered and the links in the resourcebox is live, search-engine friendly links.


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