Use Article To Increase Your Google Rank

It doesn’t really matter who you are; you definitely know something that’s worth sharing with other. In fact if you are a webmaster chances are you have a lot of knowledge that other’s could gain insight from. And that knowledge shared through articles can be a valuable asset to your website.

Interesting and informative articles are in big demand. Article directories meet this demand by making them available in one location for webmasters to use on their sites, in their newsletters, and in their Ezines. There are many article banks to choose from and you should sign up for as many as possible.

So you are wondering what qualifications you need to write an article?

You simply need to have knowledge on a topic, any topic that others might benefit from. You need to ensure your content is clean, contains no profanity, and no hate literature. Article banks will accept most articles that are interesting and informative as long as they don’t contain the above.

If you aren’t sure? Consider this. Would you read it? Does it catch your interest? If the answer is yes then there are most likely many others that would read it.

From search engine optimization, to how to grow the most beautiful roses, to buying jewelry, to lawyers and doctors. It’s all useful. From simple to technical to basic, your perspective may be anywhere from useful to universal.

Your articles should be written in proper English. If English is not your native tongue consider hiring a ghostwriter to write your article for you. Ghostwriters are also a valuable tool if you are not good at writing or simply don’t have the time. There are several sites online where you can obtain the services for a reasonable fee.

When submitting your article to the article directories be sure to read their submission guidelines. Only submit your article if it fits in an appropriate category. If it does not then find a different article bank that is more suited to your article.

The exposure you get from your article is unlimited and you can submit your article to thousands of directories if you like. These articles are an excellent way to boost your one way inbound links and they are a lot less hassle then finding good link partners.

Use the resource box to provide information about your site or yourself and be sure to include the active link to your site. Use the resource box to entice visitors to visit your site.

You can get traffic to your site because of search engines and the possibility or probability of someone reading the article, then clicking your link. You get a double hit – two for one. What more could you ask for. This is virtual marketing at its’ best! Exposure 24/7. Everyday, all day long, and the only effort required by you is to submit your article or articles.

So if you are looking for more exposure, improved search engine rankings, and to get your company in the lime light, you certainly should consider writing a few articles and submitting them to the article directories. In fact submitting one article each week can give you great benefits!

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