Use ExactSeek To Improve Your “All Around” Search Results! is another great search engine that relies on meta tags to determine your web site results. Through ExactSeek, not only can you improve your search results with the tools they give you but, you’ll also improve your search results for other search engines that rely on meta tags.

I must also note that not all search engines determine your ranking the same and to state that would be a lie but this article will definitely help you increase your
chances at success.

By now, we should all know what meta tags are for and how to implement them. Ex. Title Tag, Description Tag, and the famous Key Word Tag. (If you don’t know, search “creating meta tags” in

Back to ExactSeek, if you haven’t already submitted your site, submit it here:

It doesn’t cost you a thing but MAKE SURE that you already have quality meta tags in place within your site.

ExactSeek has a unique search engine ranking tool that they invite everyone to use! This is what this article is all about.

That’s right, unlike so many search engines that don’t want you to check your ranking, ExactSeek even gives you the necessary tools to improve your ranking and keep improving your ranking results.

Before you go, there are two things you’ll want to remember. 1) There are two tools available within the page I am about to give you. (left) Ranking Checker, (right) re-submitting your web site.

You’ll want to pay attention to the submission on the left in order to check your ranking. Simply enter your web site url and a key phrase that you would want your web site to be listed in.

Also, ExactSeek has provided you with a better explanation on what they look for within your meta tags. I would suggest you also read this 1st.

You should also remember that by adding a “Search” box to your site and keeping within the minimum daily requirements, ExactSeek guarantees you top 100 placements. This might be a route you might want to take for yourself, you can do so here:


Use this tool to determine the rank that you’re current meta tags get you. If you’re not satisfied with your rank, simply tweak the meta tags within your site and re-submit your site to be crawled again (revised within ExactSeek).

Don’t forget that you can also log into ExactSeek with your user name & password they send you. By login in, they give you the option of manually changing the title and description of your sites listing whenever you want.

I hope that you have much success within ExactSeek and that you improve your meta tags with the tools available to you.

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