Why links count – The power of links part two

Do not get penalized or even banned from the search engines find out how not to get banned by your links.

In my last article we talked about why we needed links to your website, in this article we will cover some dos and don’ts.

Thanks to Google and now most of the other search engines there is now a new kind of spam, these are link farms.

Because the search engines now look at link popularity every website designer and promoter went out to get links to there sites, the easy way to do this is to join a linking site, this looked an easy task, but Google then said you will get penalized or even banned if your found to have a link farm.

Website designers and promoters jumped and panicked at this and some stopped all links that pointed out, this was a bit drastic.

The big question is what is a link farm? Or what is now known as Stuffing?

Lets pretend your website sales gold, go with me here Im on a role. You join a linking service and get 1000s of links on your links page and so you have 1000s of links pointing to your website, cool your shore to get to number one now.

If Google now comes to your site and sees 1000s of links, they now will look to see if they are relevant to your site, which sales gold. If your links are for dog food and windows you have a link farm or stuffing.

Only have links like Gold Cleaning, Gold rings, things relevant to your website else you could be penalized or even banned.

You can still have 1000s of links but all must be relevant. Remember to have a link from your main site to the links page.

I hope you found this article of some help. Have fun and play nice.
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