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What is the Title Tag

The Title Tag is not a Meta Tag. The Title Tag is an HTML code that shows the words that appear at the top title bar of your browser. The Title Tag is not displayed anywhere else on the page.
It is these words or phrase that appears as the title of your page in the hyperlink listings on the search engine results. The users’ in-turn click on this hyperlink to go to your website from Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Therefore, the significance of the Title Tag is evident as all search engines use the Title Tag to gather information about your site.

Syntax for the Title Tag is:

Head Tag
“TITLE Tag” Here you write the Title of your Page “Closed Title Tag”
Closed Head Tag

Useful Tips for Writing the Title Tag

The Title Tag plays a vital role in determining your site’s search engine rankings. One needs to pay attention to the words that appear in your Title Tag and the order in which they appear.

Title Tag announces the summary of the content appearing on the page. So In the Title Tag describing the content of the page.

You could put the product or service you are offering, in the Title Tag, instead of your firm or company’s name.

Most users search for specific products and services, not company names. If you do wish to include the site name, then you can add it at the end of the Title Tag. Having your most important keyword phrases towards the beginning of the Title Tag helps display your title in bold in the SERP (search engines results page).

Title Tags are also the text that gets captured when users bookmark your page.

Goggle usually reads about 90 characters of your Title Tag. So, leverage this length to cover prominent keywords relevant to the page. A common mistake webmasters make is to have the same Title Tag throughout the site. You must leverage different Title Tags for each page and customizing it depending on the content theme of each page.
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